News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The Parliamentary Registrar has formally announced that a municipal election is due to take place on Thursday, May 11th, 2023.  The City of Hamilton is encouraging all business ratepayers in the City of Hamilton to ensure that their registration details are up to date.

City Chief Executive Officer, Dwayne Caines, said: “Once an election is announced, there is a very short window in which business ratepayers can register their company to vote or make any amendments to their registration. The last day to register for the May 2023 election is this Thursday, April 6th.  The Parliamentary Registrar is currently in the process of reviewing the voters list, as is required by law, for the upcoming municipal elections.

“I encourage any businesses that are new to Hamilton and are eligible, to register as soon as possible. All businesses previously registered should confirm their registration with the Parliamentary Registrar and make any necessary amendments such as change of address and any changes to their nominee that votes on behalf of the business. It is important to note that while residents, if they are on the Parliamentary Registry, are automatically registered on the Municipal lists, Hamilton businesses are required to register.

“We haven’t had a City election in four years and business details are apt to change. Now is the time to ensure that your democratic right to vote can be exercised and not hindered.”

A Business Ratepayer is eligible to register for a municipal election if:

·    he/she is a Sole Proprietor, Company Association, Partnership or Commercial Property owner within the Municipality

·    he/she is eligible to be charged rates within the respective Municipal Area

·    he/she is registered on the Parliamentary Register in another constituency outside of the Municipal Area for which he is eligible to be charged rates

·    the Company/Business is not a subsidiary of other Business Ratepayers, Exempted Companies and Exempted Partnerships

Each Business Ratepayer is entitled to one vote only. If a Business Ratepayer is also a resident of the Municipality, they must vote as a resident and nominate someone to cast their vote as a Business Ratepayer. 

Business Ratepayer Registration Forms are available at the Parliamentary Registry on the 3rd Floor of the Craig Appin House, Wesley Street. Completed application forms must be returned to the Parliamentary Registry along with all required documentation.

Those who are already listed on the Business Ratepayers Register do not need to re-register unless changes need to be made to their existing details. Please check the Business Ratepayers Register here to ensure your details are correct, including the following:

1)      Assessment number and address of the building you occupy or own.

2)      Name and address of the nominee. Be sure that your business nominee will be on island   on May 11th to cast your vote.

3)      Contact information for the business owner or building owner.

4)      If you are a building owner please ensure that all units owned are properly labeled as occupied or vacant.

Once you have completed/revised the form, please return it to the office of the Parliamentary Registrar via email at as soon as possible so that they can update their records accordingly.

For further assistance please contact the Parliamentary Registry directly on 293-VOTE (8683) or at the above-mentioned email address.