• The following statement was released to Bermuda Real on Thursday, August 6, 2020…

We, a collective electrical industry group concerned as to the practical relevance, consumer cost effectiveness and application of certain stipulations and mandatory elements contained in the current Bermuda Residential Building Code, are seeking immediate redress of such requisites that only serve to inflate expense without tangible benefit.

With the lead having been taken by Current Code Electrical Consultants and Third Party Inspections headed by Alan Smith _ former electrical inspector and current industry consultant _ this body spanning the membership spectrum including those representing areas of product procurement and distribution, installation, health and safety, code enforcement, consumerism and others with interest will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting on Monday, August 10 at Francis Patton School (6.30 p.m. start).

“The ultimate quest is to have the electrical aspect of the current code transformed into a living article ideally specific to the materials used, adherent to local jurisdictional manner of structural formation, building assembly and construction and which contributes to harmonious cost effectiveness for consumers, contractors and product distributors while yet adhering to quality standards regarding health, safety, delivery, useful longevity and sustained livability,” says Mr. Smith, also a standing and  Professional Member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors.

“Considering a constantly changing technological age in which we exist and the variations in building methods of alternate jurisdictions and territories there is a need for a more pattern specific coding that more so takes into account Bermuda’s building methods rather than lethargically adopt as ‘blanket gospel’ the coding ideology as presented by the National Electrical Code (NEC) _ NFPA 70 _ which was created and is generally specific to the United States, from which we differ in varying aspects of residential construction and material usage.”

Of specific, present concern is the requirement for the carte blanche installation of Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) which, under United States residential building methods that widely embrace and allow for the use of inferior materials conducive to fire ignition and spread, appear as useful inhibitors and tools of deterrence, within the Bermuda construction dynamic utilizing superior mediums such items stand as exorbitant, add-on expenses. Expenses that do little to demonstratively enhance residential safety while enhancing already prohibitive cost factors that might needlessly delay efforts and diminish desires of homeowners to improve dwellings and so general living standards.

It is increasingly difficult to fathom how this Island of such claimed progressiveness and affluence, yet in reality with much in the form of decaying dwellings, declining property values and conversely highly rated loan interest and mortgage values can afford to continually affix unnecessary, high cost consumer burdens when adequate, affordable sheltering stands as a vital essential for life’s very existence.

  • For more information contact Alan C Smith, Electrical Consultant, Professional Member IAEI 606536 – Current Code Electrical Consultants and Third Party Inspections. Email august@northrock.bm or call 777-7814