News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – On Tuesday, July 4th over 40 people attended the BEDC’s graduation dinner for the 5th Cohort of the Enterprise Bermuda (EB) incubator program.

The event opened with a welcome message by the Chairman of the Board, Jache Adams who shared words of encouragement to the graduating cohort. He stated, “You each dedicated 12 months of your time to develop your ideas and build your businesses. Although I am sure you are all at varying stages of business development, I hope that throughout your tenure with Enterprise Bermuda, you have gained something and are better off than where you started.”

Kisha Tyrrell of Enzuri Beauty expressed her experience over the past 12 months:: “The BEDC program provided me with essential resources that helped me grow my business. The access to Mentors was what I found most valuable.” She continued, “It was great being part of a community of entrepreneurs and for the opportunity to become part of the BEDC family.”

Other program graduates included Tomika Pacheco, Off Grid RV Co.; Najee Musson, 24/7 Lush BDA; Tia Crockwell, OnSight; Joshun Stovell, Enlightened Expertise; Petrice Madeiros, Mobile Biometrics Services; Aymori Duncan, Catch of the Day; Derrick Smith, S&A Total Clean; Sabriuna Wilkinson, Nuture Laiche; Zayne Sinclair, Sinclair’s Seed Sowing; Felica DeRoza, Dayrosia; Khomeini Taalib-Din, Best Buds; Davida Oerien, Vida Fusions; Sherlrina Thomas, Nia Concierge; Nioka Francis, Blue Lily Consulting; Astoria Smith, Lacquered Lounge; and Kalyn & Michel’le Cannonier, Uplift.

Launched in 2018 as a pilot, Enterprise Bermuda, has grown from 8 entrepreneurs to supporting 18 budding entrepreneurs with this latest cohort. The program’s expansion was made possible in part to the addition of three new Enterprise Bermuda Hubs located in the Economic Empowerment Zones and enhanced programming through a partnership with Accelerator Centre (A.C.). The partnership allows the BEDC to license the A.C.’s globally recognized programming, online platform, and mentorship model. Erica Smith,

BEDC Executive Director, said: “We’re excited about continuing our partnership with the Accelerator Centre. Our goal at BEDC is to continue to make things better for Bermuda’s entrepreneurs. Partnering with the Accelerator Centre will help us do that. Their knowledge and network will open new doors for local entrepreneurs, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

BEDC invited a representative of AC., Beatriz Zanatelli, Director of Programs & Client Experience, to Bermuda to participate in the graduation and induction ceremony. While on Island, Beatriz toured the E.B. Hubs and visited entrepreneurs across Bermuda to better understand the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. In her remarks Beatriz encouraged the entrepreneurs to,” Network as much as they can. Your network is your networth.” She also highlighted the importance of making themselves present to be seen, heard, and reminded of what they do and the problems they are solving. Beatriz mentioned the importance of being part of a strong community stating: “Community offers resources that can be extremely valuable to their businesses and to themselves. Entrepreneurship is only lonely if we make it so.”

Nikki Fagan, Enterprise Bermuda Incubation Lead, had this to say about the entrepreneurs: “These eighteen individuals have transformed from budding entrepreneurs into driving forces of innovation. As they step forth from the Enterprise Bermuda incubator, I can’t wait to see their businesses take off and how they can make an impact on our local economy!”

The event concluded with inspiring closing remarks from Erica Smith, BEDC Executive Director. She stated: “The BEDC is filled with anticipation as we look forward to the growth of each business. Although this cohort has ended, it does not lessen BEDC’s unending support. Our commitment to boosting Bermuda’s entrepreneurial scene continues, backed by our partnership with the Accelerator Centre. We are ready to support them at every turn, with graduation being only the start of their promising journeys.”