Eight officers were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant at a Confirmation Ceremony for Lieutenants and Watch Commanders held on Friday 12 July, by the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service (BF&RS) .

A spokesperson said: “At the ceremony, BF&RS officers were recognized and honoured for their accomplishments, and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

In attendance was the Minister of National Security Wayne Caines, Fire Chief Lloyd Burchall, other senior BF&RS officers, family and friends.”

In total, eight officers were promoted, they were:

  • Lt Roxanne Francis from training division
  • Lt Raymond Eve from training division
  • Lt Scott Quinn, Station Commander at Hamilton Station
  • Lt Troy Brimmer, retired
  • Lt Jamal Albouy from fire prevention division
  • Lt Anthony Caisey, Station Commander at Clearwater Station
  • Lt Dale Burgess, Watch Commander, Airport Red Ship; and
  • Lt Paul Dill, Watch Commander, Airport Green Ship

Minister Caines addressed the audience and spoke about leadership and taking the initiative to do better for themselves and the community.”

To the officers, Minister Caines said: ”I thank you all for your dedication, selfless acts of courage and commitment to community service.”

Fire Chief Burchall spoke about the huge milestones for the fire service adding: “The BF&RS is committed to sustainability, and it was never more evident today, than with the handing of the baton to my colleagues and forwarding the call to serve our community.”

  • Feature Photo Supplied (L-R): Kevin Santucci, Lloyd Burchall, Paul Dill, Anthony Caisey, Roxanne Francis, Scott Quinn, Jamal Albouy, Dale Burgess, Minister Caines. Absent – Raymond Eve and Troy Brimmer