News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Ministry of Education is advising parents and students to avoid a misleading and false advertisement that is circulating on social media and WhatsApp.

The advertisement claim is for an offer of free laptops for youth by the Government.

The message contains a link to a hoax website. At a glance, this hoax message looks genuine. This one in particular is appealing to parents and families looking for free laptops for students.

Minister of Education,Diallo Rabain said: “For clarity, this advertisement has no connection to the online survey that the Department of Education’s Parent and staff internet/technology survey. Nor is it related to any other local organisations that are currently assisting the Department with laptops.”

Minister Rabain added: “Since the introduction of remote learning, the Ministry has worked with local organisations to provide students with the devices required for remote learning.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated our plans to move towards the digital delivery of education.

“We are grateful for the laptops and wireless internet services we have received from PWC, the Bank of Bermuda Foundation, One Communications Ltd, and the Bermuda Education Network. We are always grateful for entities that are willing to donate to assist students in the Bermuda Public School System (BPSS) and welcome more private organisations to contribute.

“Recognising the desires of so many to donate and the need for there to be a structured donation process that ensures donations are compatible with the BPSS, we are happy to announce the partnership with Legal&General Reinsurance. They have founded the Lighthouse Connect initiative, a private/public partnership to ensure anyone wishing to donate will be able to do so and be assured their donations are suitable for the BPSS and those students with the greatest needs are met. Donors are encouraged to contact Kim Jackson at to receive guidance.”

For more information on how to avoid internet scams and identifying fake e-mails please visit