A new set of work begins at Harrington Sound Primary School this morning in the wake of the recent infestation of bird mites that led to a sit out by teachers on Monday.

According to Education Minister Cole Simons, there are a number of areas where birds can still gain access in the “roof and eaves” that must be sealed to prevent a “reoccurrence of the problem”.

This after the Commissioner of Education, Dr Freddie Evans surveyed the school with the building manager and a foreman from Works and Engineering.

“Following the independent pest control company’s removal of bird nests and fumigation, the Government Safety and Health Officer did not see any evidence of bird mites in the classrooms however, points of access for birds in the roofs and eaves must be sealed in order to avoid a reoccurrence of the problem,” the Minister said.

“Works and Engineering and the building manager have outlined an aggressive plan to address the open access points for bird entry into the school. Work will begin on Thursday, May 25th and the work is expected to be concluded by Friday, June 2nd.

“We will continue to inspect the school throughout the work and every week thereafter to ensure we have addressed the problem. After the conclusion of this work, we will invite the Safety and Health Officer to review the work that has been completed,” said Mr Simons.

“I am confident that we now have corrective measures in place to safely address and eliminate the problems and lessen the need for further disruption. The Ministry of Education is committed to work together with the Harrington Sound family to find the best way forward, so that the students, teachers and staff have a safe and healthy environment to work and learn,” he added.

Both the Minister and Dr Evans issued an apology when they met with staff on Monday. Teachers opted to continue their sit out after that meeting.

The school was shut down for a two-day clean-up last week and reopened last Wednesday. Despite the clean-up, teachers and students were still being bitten by bugs dropping from the ceiling when they returned to class. The school’s PTA was also critical of the fact the Ministry did not tent the school as was initially stated.

The Minister issued this latest update on Tuesday evening.