Students at Sandys Secondary Middle School shared their work with the Minister of Education, Diallo Rabain, during a visit to observe the delivery of the STEM curriculum in the M3 Design and Technology and the M1 class.

Minister Rabain observed the M1 students building solar-powered cars that on completion the students will calculate the changes in the distance and speed based their design.  M1 students are studying transportation and energy with teacher Cesare Filice.

Sandys student, Paris Forbes, 12 said the work was “Hard, but fun at times.”

The M3 Design and Technology class are learning how to design their own guitars from woodworking. Class lessons used from the STEM Curriculum on electromagnets and sound support the students work on designing and creating the instruments.

Design and Technology, Christopher Naylor stated that the STEM curriculum allows students imagination to run rampant and gives kids joy as they enjoy getting away from traditional learning to participate in the hands-on work.

Minister Rabain who picked up a soldering iron to assist several students with their soldering stated, “Today, we see real evidence of the progress we are making in education and proof that when committed teachers and enthusiastic students are given the opportunity and resources, they will not only excel but go beyond even what they imagined possible.  I wish to thank the students of the M1 class for the opportunity to work alongside them and talk about their dreams for the future.”


Minister Rabain added, “As we continue to grow and diversify our economy, we will need Bermudians trained and prepared for new career and entrepreneurial opportunities.  The additional 5.18 million dollars we invested in Education last year is touching the lives of students in the STEM learning programme and across the island, raising their marketable skills and preparing them to participate in the 21st century economy of Bermuda.”

Photos Courtesy of DCI