Education Minister Cole Simons has issued a progress report on public school upgrades to primary schools.

You may recall the SCORE Report identified a series of repairs needed to maintain the infrastructure of the public school system. Since that report was released, the Ministry of Public Works and the Department of Education’s facilities team “have been making the necessary repairs and maintenance works at each school”.

The Minister provided a “detailed” list of the work carried out to date on Thursday, and said: “We will continue to deliver on the items highlighted in the SCORE Report as well as other school facility repairs as they arise.”

He noted that “further repair work has been scheduled for the summer months when schools are closed to ensure that our primary schools are safe and clean prior to the start of the 2017/18 school year”.

The list is as follows:

East End Primary School

  • Fixed leaks in the assembly hall and in classrooms
  • Replaced windows that needed servicing throughout the school
  • Back area of school resurfaced by Public Works
  • Air quality tests completed to determine source of mouldy smells
  • Air conditioner vents in library cleaned
  • Fencing on side of school field repaired
  • All water fountains serviced

St David’s Primary School

  • Repaired leaks in classrooms

Francis Patton Primary School

  • Fixed leaky faucets in all bathrooms
  • All windows in school serviced
  • Work completed on the external doors
  • Re-tiled bathrooms

Harrington Sound Primary School

  • Hedges were cut back
  • Installed new playground equipment

Elliott Primary School

  • School building was painted
  • Serviced all water fountains
  • Air quality test completed for Deputy Principal’s Office
  • Secured gym floor to eliminate weak spots
  • Created ventilation has been for a lower storage room in the upper building
  • Sprayed art room and adjacent areas for termites

To Do:

  • Ongoing repairs to downstairs bathroom
  • Upgrades to restrooms
  • Replacing rotten roof on one wing of school building
  • Investigate cause of leakage in some classroom windows

Prospect Primary School

  • Serviced all water fountains
  • Power washed all walkways

To Do:

  • Ongoing work in the library for security and to eliminate mould caused due to leaks

Victor Scott Primary School

  • Re-tiled classrooms
  • Repairs to restroom facilities
  • Preschool window repaired
  • Improved storage facility

Northlands Primary School

  • Restroom facilities upgraded
  • Water fountains serviced
  • Leaks in classrooms repaired
  • All exposed electrical wires and pipe concealed

West Pembroke Primary School

  • Tented building for termites and other pests
  • Restroom facilities were upgraded
  • Greater ventilation for the custodians facilities room
  • Netball courts resurfaced
  • Replaced covering for the cricket pitch

To Do:

  • Ensure lighting in classroom areas is conducive to reading

Gilbert Primary School

  • Addressed flat roof situation which caused leaks
  • Upgraded assembly hall

Paget Primary School

  • Addressed fencing around the playground in upper schools
  • Classroom leaks investigated and corrected
  • Majority of plumbing issues resolved

To Do:

  • Playground fencing and investigation of building leaks to eradicate mould

Purvis Primary School

  • School building exterior painted
  • Windows were replaced in specific classrooms

Heron Bay Primary School

  • Repairs completed for ceiling and roof
  • Wooden floors repaired in classrooms and computer labs
  • Hedges behind the school were cut back

To Do:

  • Install new playground equipment

Port Royal Primary School

  • Air quality service for reading room
  • Completed investigation of water intrusion in the reading room
  • Cleaned court yard and resolved the dumpster issues

To Do:

  • Make repairs to the school security fence and gates

Dalton E Tucker Primary School

  • In collaboration with the Highways Section investigate how to resolve traffic flow issues at the school entrance

West End Primary School

  • Repaved the courts and driveways
  • Serviced all water fountains
  • Completed roof repairs to eliminate leaks
  • Repaired the cricket pitch

To Do:

  • Investigate the lighting in the building
  • Evaluate the air and temperature conditions of the auditorium

Somerset Primary School

  • Boys restroom facilities in the upper school repaired
  • Sealed all roof leaks
  • Serviced water fountains
  • Repaired pot holes

To Do:

  • Summer works to look at required storage needed for scientific chemicals
  • Ensure the fire alarm monitoring system is fully functional