Education Minister Cole Simons announced a scholarships and awards committee to oversee the selection process and recommend recipients for the Ministry’s new offerings of scholarships and awards.

In a statement released this afternoon, the Minister said: “As promised in the 2016 Speech from the Throne, we have diversified and increased the Ministry’s offering of scholarship and award opportunities for students who pursue post-secondary educational studies locally or overseas.

“These new opportunities will provide our students with the opportunity to share their creativity, innovation, talent, determination, and leadership skills and abilities. The majority of the scholarships and awards are also based on financial need.”

The Committee is chaired by retired educator and Bermuda College Board member, Mrs Romelle Warner, who will be assisted by:

  • Mr Zayne Bean
  • Dr Alick Bush
  • Dr Patricia Dill-Chapman
  • Mrs Tina Duke
  • Mr Sean Dunkley
  • Dr Julie Dunstan
  • Mr Gershon Gibbons
  • Ms Sharmaine Landy
  • Ms Kelly Madeiros
  • Ms Amanda Outerbridge
  • Mr Noel Pearman
  • Ms Kellianne Smith
  • Mr Clyde Symonds
  • Dr Radell Tankard

Committee members were chosen as a result of their commitment to education and young people, as well as their significant professional expertise and community involvement.

Members of the public may recall that the new scholarships and awards include, the:

  • Minister’s Achievement Scholarships for graduation public school students;
  • Minister’s Merit Scholarships for graduating senior school students;
  • Minister Technical and Vocational Awards for graduating public school students or recent public school alumni attending Bermuda College with an interest in technical and vocational studies; and, the
  • Minister’s Exceptional Student Awards for graduating students or school leavers with disabilities.

The Minister’s Achievement Scholarships and Minister’s Merit Scholarships are valued at $25,000 for overseas education. The Minister’s Technical and Vocational Awards and the Minister’s Exceptional Student Awards are valued at $25,000 for overseas study and $5,000 for local study.

Mr Simons also thanked Mrs Romelle Warner and “all other committee members for providing an important service on behalf of Bermuda’s young people”. “Their contribution in bringing these new and diverse scholarships and awards to life will be a long-lasting contribution for our young people; as well as an investment in Bermuda’s social development and capital,” he added.

The work of the new Committee is short-term and the successful scholarship and awards recipients are expected to be announced in July.