Forecasters at the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS) anticipate breezy conditions with the risk of rain showers later today.

The public synopsis says: “Good Friday turns increasingly cloudy and breezy as a weak cold front approaches from the west and moves across the Island early this afternoon with a few showers.

“Mainly dry and bright, albeit quite windy conditions set in behind for the Easter weekend.”

The forecast for today calls for a “mainly fine start”, with “a few showers developing” early this afternoon.

Winds will be southwesterly and moderate, veering westerly and becoming strong by late morning.

Winds are expected to shift becoming west-northwesterly and strong later this evening with higher gusts anticipated at times.

The anticipated high today is 21°C/70°F.

The UV Index forecast calls for clear skies with a visibility rate listed at 8 or very high.

Partly to mostly cloudy skies in the forecast for tonight, with a slight chance of a passing shower. Winds will be west-northwesterly and strong, with higher gusts likely.

The anticipated low will be near 16°C/60°F.

“Lots of sunshine with the chance of an early stray shower” in the forecast for Saturday, with winds west-northwesterly strong, easing moderate to strong by evening, then moderate towards dawn.”

The high expected will be near 21°C/69°F, with the low near 17°C/63°F.

The forecast for Easter Sunday calls for mainly dry conditions under sunny skies.

Winds will be out of the west and moderate, backing west-southwesterly moderate to strong in the afternoon, then veering westerly towards dawn.

The anticipated high on Sunday will be near 22°C/71°F, with the low near 18°C/64°F.

Meteorologist: James Dodgson, Observer: Dana Masters