Asked how it felt to be greeted and warmly appreciated for all that he brings to his patients, Dr Mahesh Reddy replied: “My heart is full, I see it every day but this is amazing – it makes me proud for what I do.”

This after a host of patients, relatives and friends gathered for an appreciation luncheon where several men and women gave heartfelt testimonials on the personalized and in some cases, the life-saving care of their physician at Bermuda Healthcare Services.

In a moving tribute, Muriel Joyce Eve, told the audience gathered: “What I went through seven months ago, if it wasn’t for Dr Reddy I wouldn’t be here today.”

She recalled how she was due to leave the island and saw Dr Reddy before her departure when he told her that she could not go on that flight.

“I ended up in hospital and I owe him my life,” she said.

Other patients expressed similar remarks, includingJune-Ann Furbert and Helene Stephenson, who said she has been a patient of Dr Reddy for several years “because he takes special care and he listens”.

“He doesn’t cut my visit short, he is very caring and shows interest,” she added.

Maxine Blakeney-McDermont said: “I can call him at 3am or 5am and he’s there. I know this man is there for me and I thank you Dr Ewart Brown for bringing this man here on behalf of all of us here.”

Dr Brown, who also thanked Rev Nicholas Tweed for providing the venue, said: “Dr Reddy was always a good doctor and I believe good doctors can be made and trained but excellent doctors are born.

“It is said that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but I don’t believe if you had 50,000 barrels of doctors that you could keep Dr Reddy away. He’s shy but very forceful.”

Dr Reddy, who was greeted with a round of applause and a standing ovation when he arrived, thanked all of those in attendance. He also thanked God, his family and Dr Brown.

“What makes me good at what I do is you – my patients,” he said.

“Thank you all for coming.”