Bermudians, we must dismantle the Ministry of Education!

Why? The foundation of the system is “racist”.

In 1952, in an unpublished dissertation entitled, “History of Education in Bermuda”, the late Dr. Kenneth Robinson, a Harvard graduate, stated, “From the outset the system has been diversified both with respect to purpose and structure.” In addition, Dr. Robinson found it necessary to list major special education objectives with which “colored” Bermudians should be concerned.

Dr. Yvonne Blackett, in an unpublished report dated May 1976, indicated that official documents in 1948 revealed implicity and explicit indications of the following:

  • Philosophy of Education 1948: schools should be for the maintenance of the social, economic and political status quo
  • Educational Principles 1948: that of social, economic, and political dominance by white people
  • Educational Objectives 1948: to cultivate white children for hereditary leadership

Has this philosophy, principle and objective contributed significantly to our present state of a “white supremacist society” and its resultant attitude and behavior of “white privilege”?

Have these racist goals ever been renounced and replaced with fair, just and equitable goals for all of Bermuda’s children?

In 2007, in the “Review of Public Education in Bermuda by Professor Hopkins and his team, under the heading of “Strategic and Operational Leadership”, it was stated, “The Ministry has lost the trust and confidence of schools and the public. It is a poorly-led and mismanaged organization, lacking in strategic vision, and the skills to realize it.

The Ministry urgently needs a radical overhaul together with the appointment of exceptional leadership and first rate management in order to improve public education.”

Who was accountable for Bermuda’s failing system of education? In the business world, if you don’t produce, you are removed from your post.

  • Have we seen a radical overhaul of the system?
  • Have we seen the appointment of exceptional leadership?
  • Have we seen the appointment of first rate management?

It would appear that we have ignored the Hopkins Report and we have not dealt with the root cause of our educational woes “racism”.Do we continue to put new wine in old wineskins?

We must reconstruct our system to be of a world class standard by “Dismantling The Ministry Of Education”!

By Dr Muriel Wade Smith

Muriel M. WadeSmith, Ph.D., attended Central School, now Victor F. Scott Primary School, and the Berkeley Institute. She obtained her teacher training certificates from Ottawa Teachers’ College and Toronto Teachers’ College in Ontario, Canada, and has been involved in various educational projects in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.