On the record they would only say that the selection of candidates is an internal matter, but quietly behind the scenes, Progressive Labour Party insiders say Dr Kyjuan Brown is tipped as the favourite to replace Rolfe Commissiong in the next General Election.

The former PLP MP tendered his resignation on Friday (August 28) saying that it was “for the good of the party and Bermudians” after he chose “not to be a distraction”.

“I will not be a candidate,” he said. This after an incident that took place two years ago, in what was first reported by TNN in what was said to be a case of harassment.

“The affected party and I entered into a legally binding confidentiality agreement which prohibits me from speaking further. The matter has been settled and it is closed.”

Mr Commissiong went on to say: “I understand that last week was the first time the Premier was made aware and he immediately addressed the issue with me.

“The appearance of this issue two years after it had been fully resolved reflects political motives of undisclosed parties who are seeking to discredit me & the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party for their own ends,” he added.

“I made a comment I shouldn’t have. I made a mistake, I apologized. For the good of the party, and Bermudians who deserve strong leadership in these trying times, I have chosen not to be a distraction. To that end, I will not be a candidate in the general election.

“Out of respect for my family and all the parties involved, I ask that our privacy be respected.

“It has been a pleasure to serve the people in Pembroke South East and I look forward to supporting the new candidate who I know will serve them well.”