A Bermudian associate professor at the University of Washington, who heads up their Digital Youth Lab is scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the Bermuda National Gallery (BNG) later this week.

Dr Katie Davis, who has been researching the impact of digital technology on learning, development and wellbeing for nearly 20 years, recently published a book, Technology’s Child: Digital Media’s Role in the Ages and Stages of Growing Up, on the subject.

A BNG spokesman said: “Drawing on her expertise in developmental science and design research, she will describe what happens when child development and technology design interact, and how this interaction is complicated by children’s individual characteristics as well as social and cultural contexts.

“Critically, she will explain how a self-directed experience of technology — one initiated, sustained and ended voluntarily — supports learning and development, especially when it takes place within the context of community support, and how an experience that lacks these qualities can have the opposite effect.”

Peter Lapsley, the Director of the BNG, added: “As the community relies increasingly on technology, its influence can be seen in all facets of our lives, and the arts are no different.

“We are often discussing the intersection of art and technology and have a summer programme with that very title for students, so having the opportunity to hear from Dr Davis on how we can all better understand its impact on our young people is timely, and I would encourage the community to join us for the event.”

The presentation will be held on April 13 at the BNG at 6pm.

Tickets are available online at the BNG website.

Top Feature Photo: Katie Davis, Associate Professor at the University of Washington