News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – An advance screening of the documentary Dr Ewart F Brown,

Truth Be Told will take place later today (Oct 13), at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) at 7pm.

Produced and Directed by Crimson Multimedia and Zhyon International, the riveting expose` highlights documentation verifying the unprecedented lengths to which local and UK authorities went in their attempts to give the appearance of legitimacy to the allegations made against the former Premier of Bermuda.

Audience members will witness Dr Brown’s colleagues and family speak candidly about living under a cloud of suspicion for over a decade as they fight for vindication in a system designed to fail anyone who dares challenge the status quo.

Dana Selassie of Zhyon International stated: “Historically, Bermuda’s media outlets have played a major role in creating negative depictions of our Black community. Today, with our ability to be more engaged in countering this narrative, I’m pleased to help provide a platform for Dr Brown to share his truth through this documentary expose`.” Lamone Woods from Crimson Multimedia added, “Dr Brown’s experience speaks to the fundamental need for having a platform for Bermudians to tell their stories in the full context.”

All proceeds from Dr Ewart F Brown Truth Be Told will benefit the Mirrors Programme.