Former Premier Dr Ewart Brown stated outright today that it’s time for the Bermuda Police Service “to put up or shut up” on a five-year investigation aimed solely to discredit him.

At a news conference held outside of Bermuda Healthcare Services (BHCS), Dr Brown said he fully supports his long time colleague and BHS Chief Medical Officer, Dr Mahesh Reddy, whose home was raided by at least eight police officers who searched Dr Reddy’s home and arrested him without a warrant at 7am on May 19th.

In what he described as “heavy handed” approach by the police, Dr Brown said his colleague will be “seeking redress” through the courts for his “wrongful arrest…and the distress that has been caused to himself and his family”.

While noting that “it has been a long time” since he felt “compelled to speak out” because of what he sees “as a terrible injustice currently being committed”, Dr Brown said he has “no doubt” his colleague will be “vindicated”.

The police investigation on Dr Reddy he said, is “based on no more than a suspicion that he had been overusing MRI and CT scanners to make more money”.

“These are the facts: Every scan carried out by Bermuda Healthcare Services has followed all the procedures set out by recognised professional bodies,” said Dr Brown.

“No patients, and no insurance companies which paid for the scan have ever made one single complaint concerning these very necessary diagnostic procedures.

“The facts show that our scanners are properly used without any anomalies.

“This unwarranted arrest is the last straw,” said Dr Brown. “There has been a long string of malicious slurs and false allegations, with the real target being me because of my past political views as the former Premier.

“My political enemies in Bermuda and the UK are seeking to discredit me.

“They have tried many times to prove I have done something wrong but not one of their claims has ever been substantiated,” he said.

“I have kept my counsel on this until now, assisting investigations and providing complete transparency in accounts and paper trails I have freely given but the arrest of Dr Reddy is too far. Enough is enough.”

He also accused police of spending “millions” of dollars on a five-year investigation.

Flanked by his lawyer Jerome Lynch, QC, supporters, and patients, Dr Brown said: “No one is above the law.” But he said: “It’s time for the police to put up or shut up.

He concluded: “They have decided that I am a criminal but they haven’t found the crime.”

By Ceola Wilson