Former Premier Dr Ewart Brown, Queens Counsel Jerome Lynch and lawyer Delroy Duncan, will hold a news conference on Monday to discuss the Supreme Court Ruling delivered on the case of Dr Mahesh Reddy.

Chief Justice Ian Kawaley delivered his ruling on Friday and said both the summary arrest of Dr Reddy by the Bermuda Police Service and the subsequent search of his home was unlawful. He also ordered BPS to return any items seized to the physician, who is the Chief Medical Officer at Bermuda Healthcare Services.

Dr Reddy, who was arrested in May last year following an early morning raid by a team of officers, has stated Justice Kawaley’s “judgement has struck a blow against the excessive use of power by the authorities for every resident of Bermuda”.

He also said the Chief Justice made “the right decision in any country that values its people and their constitutionally-protected liberties above a government’s abuse of its power”.

He was arrested in connection with an investigation into allegations that he ordered unnecessary diagnostic scans on patients. Since his arrest, police have conducted two more raids at Dr Brown’s clinics in February as part of an ongoing investigation that started in 2012. To date, no formal charges have been laid against Dr Brown as a result of that investigation.

Dr Brown will meet with the media on Monday to discuss the ruling with Mr Lynch and Mr Duncan at the offices of Trott and Duncan at 10am.