Former Premier Dr Ewart Brown

Former Premier Dr Ewart Brown stated outright today that “the only reason” Dr Mahesh Reddy was “subjected to the harassment and intimidation of the Bermuda Police Force is that they are on a flawed mission to get me”.

He was commenting on the recent Court of Appeal ruling that upheld the Supreme Court ruling by former Chief Justice Ian Kawaley.

In a statement released today, Dr Brown said: “We are very happy with this decision by the Court of Appeal to uphold former CJ Kawaley’s ruling that the arrest of Dr. Mahesh Reddy, our Medical Director, was unlawful.

“Dr Reddy has been vindicated once again. The only reason Dr. Reddy has been subjected to the harassment and intimidation of the Bermuda Police Force is that they are on a flawed mission to get me.

“They have spent almost $10 million and nine years trying to find a crime,” said Dr Brown.

“This appeal was another unnecessary maneuver by the Bermuda Police Force, resulting in a colossal waste of the taxpayer’s money. This, when many Bermudians were already in need and moreso now, at a time when the Government has to borrow $150 million to fight off the effects of the coronavirus tragedy.

“Nonetheless, we shall continue to fight for justice in my country.”

In their ruling, the Court of Appeal upheld the Supreme Court decision saying the police acted “unreasonably”.

Dr Mahesh Reddy, BHCS Medical Director

Dr Reddy’s 2017 victory in the Supreme Court against police on the early morning arrest was supported in the judgment handed down, which dismissed the appeal launched by the Bermuda Police Service against an earlier ruling in Dr Reddy’s favour.

Ultimately, the Court of Appeal upheld the Supreme Court decision.

Dr Reddy, the Medical Director at Bermuda Healthcare Services was arrested back in May 2016 as part of the ongoing police investigation into former Premier Dr Ewart Brown and his two medical practices, which offer diagnostic imaging scans.

Both Dr Brown and Dr Reddy denied allegations that they were involved in medical fraud by ordering expensive patient scans unnecessarily.

Bermuda Healthcare Services was also raided by police in February 2017. Another raid was carried out at the Brown-Darrell Clinic in Smith’s Parish.

Officers also seized the medical records of several patients, which sparked another lawsuit by Dr Brown’s patients.

Police maintained the raid was part of “a large-scale fraud and corruption inquiry, which commenced in 2012” and that they were investigating allegations of money laundering.

To date – nine years no formal charges have been laid.