Bermudian historian, Dr Clarence Maxwell, is scheduled to present his “provocative presentation, ‘Before the Akaniba; the African colonisation of Bermuda 1616 to 1680’, at the Bermuda College next month.

The presentation, to be held in the Blue Room on March 8, will examine “African colonisation of Bermuda during the 17th century”, and how it “played a significant role in the Island’s success and sustainability”.

A spokesperson said: “Enslaved Africans satisfied the need for specialised labour such as pearl diving and agriculture, staving off starvation and, through that expertise, provided both sustainability to the islands.”

Residents are urged to come out and “hear how their valuable knowledge and experience were fundamental to Bermuda’s sustainability and allowed Bermuda to avoid the ‘Starving Time’ that decimated Jamestown”, in Virginia.

The presentation will be presented by the Bermuda College Journal Voices in Education Committee, on March 8 from 5:30pm to 8pm.

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