Dr Ricky Brathwaite, Bermuda Health Council

Acting Chief Executive of the Bermuda Health Council has been appointed to the role on a permanent basis.

Ricky Brathwaite, who has held the top job at BHeC since the controversial dismissal of Tamara Wedderburn in December 2018, was confirmed in the position on January 14.

“It is important that we keep pushing for improvements in every part of our health system,” he said.

“There are a lot of headwinds to combat related to population ageing, chronic disease and the global economy.

“The role of the health council is to provide expert strategy, programmes and advice on guiding the health system through these winds.”

Dr Brathwaite, who has more than 15 years’ experience in healthcare and biomedical research, joined the health council as the programme manager of health economics in 2014 and later became the director of health economics.

As acting CEO, He oversaw the health council’s management and operations.

The CEO position carries a salary between $168,652 and $219,289 , Dr Brathwaite was chosen after a “three-month comprehensive search and interview process”.

The council added that he had led an international effort to develop solutions to help hospitals and medical practices in their delivery of life-saving care.

Dr Brathwaite added: “While there are very specific goals that we have for regulating, co-ordinating and enhancing the delivery of health services here, we also have a great opportunity to be an international example and training ground for Bermudians to become leaders on health system issues globally.

“I am excited to continue this journey, and hope that the amazing work that our board and secretariat do will positively impact each member of our 64,000-person community.”

Dr Brathwaite said the health council would be searching for other Bermudian candidates for other positions within the council.