Bermuda Real has been reliably informed that six bus operators that their positions as Sightseeing Coordinators, have been made redundant.

The employees were informed last week, at least one of them is moving to an administrative supervisory position. The rest will be incorporated in the bus operator schedule on daily rosters.

You would be aware that as of April, it would be one year since public buses were used for sightseeing tours for visitors.

Due to the ongoing problems caused by an ageing fleet and mechanical breakdowns, public buses were pulled off the sightseeing schedule last year.

The Sightseeing Coordinators have been paid as such, due to no fault of their own, but the fact remains they were being paid at a rate for a job that they were not doing.

Bermuda Real also understands that the one new bus landed in January, remains parked immobile, and not included in the fleet servicing bus commuters.

Sources telling Bermuda Real that not only is the bus too long, but it reportedly is too tall as well. 

We also understand that no drivers have been called on to test-run the new bus in training.

We will of course ask for an official comment for a response for publication.

In the interim however, there’s nothing stopping bus operators from voicing their views on this ongoing issue.