The Department of Public Transportation issued a public advisory today notifying parents that they are unable to provide dedicated school buses in the near future, as they continue to work with a diminished fleet.

A spokesman said: “Buses specifically for students of the Berkeley Institute and CedarBridge Academy cannot be offered at this time.” The temporary facility “to supplement the bus service with minibuses has ended”. ‘Therefore all students are advised to utilize the regular bus service,” he added.

“Parents and students are encouraged to bookmark the bus scheduling pages on the government portal, or, subscribe to receive bus cancellation notifications via email.

“In the event of cancellations, priority will be given to routes that service primary and middle school children.

“Circumstances are expected to improve as existing buses in the fleet are overhauled and new buses arrive starting with one this month, with others to follow.”

He also noted that an RFP for fleet replacement is drafted and is currently being reviewed prior to issuance, and “a longer term project that will be undertaken as budget allows”.