Transport Minister Lawrence Scott has confirmed that a deal has been struck with minibus operators to supplement school bus routes and help to reduce the number of bus cancellations plaguing the service daily.

But the Minister warned that cancellations are likely to continue until the new deal with the Bermuda Minibus Association has been signed, sealed and delivered – possibly by the end of the week.

“There will be service interruptions but they wont be as severe as last week – on average we will have about 25 cancellations per day,” he said.

The association has agreed to do 34 school runs a day at $185 per run.

The Department of Public Transportation will provide the remaining 22 trips needed daily to get students to and from school daily.

The Minister also noted that “there was resounding support from the community to fill the void that was left by the minibuses during the time we couldn’t reach an agreement”.

“I want to thank all public service vehicle members – taxis, airport transport limos and community vehicles including church vehicles – who came out and offered to help,” he added.

“This community rallied around children to ensure they got their education. I would also like to send my severe apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

“We had to utilise the buses to ensure our children got to and from school.”