The Department of Public Transportation (DPT) released another long list of bus cancellations that went into effect at 4pm and will run through to 6pm, affecting evening bus commuters once again.

Tuesday November 22nd, 2022 P.M.

11HamiltonSt. George’s4:00 pm
8HamiltonBarnes Corner4:11 pm
4sjSpanish PointHamilton4:16 pm
7HamiltonWatford Bridge4:20 pm
8HamiltonBarnes Corner4:25 pm
4sjSpanish PointHamilton4:28 pm
11HamiltonSt. George’s4:35 pm
8HamiltonDockyard4:45 pm
11HamiltonSt. George’s4:55 pm
7HamiltonDockyard5:00 pm
7Barnes CornerHamilton5:04 pm
8HamiltonDockyard5:10 pm
3St. George’sHamilton5:12 pm
4nsHamiltonSpanish Point5:15 pm
9HamiltonProspect5:15 pm
9ProspectHamilton5:25 pm
4nsSpanish PointHamilton5:27 pm
1HamiltonGrotto Bay5:45 pm
11St. George’sHamilton5:45 pm
7HamiltonBarnes Corner5:45 pm
3HamiltonGrotto Bay5:45 pm
5HamiltonPond Hill5:50 pm