The Department of Public Transportation (DPT) announced another set of bus cancellations that started at 8am and runs through to 11:10am.

The cancellations announced:

Friday 23rd, October 2020 A.M.

11HamiltonToSt. Georges8:00am
8-BHamiltonToBarnes Corner8:30am
11HamiltonToSt. Georges9:00am
7-BBarnes CornerToHamilton9:04am
8-BHamiltonToBarnes Corner9:30am
6St. GeorgesToSt. Davids9:45am
5HamiltonToPond Hill9:50am
5Pond HillToHamilton10:00am
7-BBarnes CornerToHamilton10:04am
6St. DavidsToSt. Georges10:10am
3-GSt. GeorgesToHamilton10:12am
6St. GeorgesToSt. Davids10:45am
6St. DavidsToSt. Georges11:10am