The Ministry of Transport has confirmed that “the changes in the bus dimensions are as a result of the changes in the engines”.

Responding to questions submitted by Bermuda Real earlier this week that the first of four new buses landed was three inches to wide and three inches too long, a spokesman said: “While it is not three inches wider, it is longer.

“As with all new buses, there will be a training period for bus operators,” he added.

He also noted that all four of the new buses “have this engine installed”.

“The new buses have room for 38 passengers (not 39 as previously reported). There is improved air-conditioning and lighting and a better bell system.

“Other improvements include more access compartments for vehicle maintenance,” he said.

Asked where they were ordered from, he said: “The engine and chassis for the new bus was procured from MAN Truck & Bus Company in Germany.

“The bus was then built by MOBIpeople, a company located in Coimbra, Portugal.”

Asked for the total cost for each new bus he replied: “The final landed cost is approximately $373, 161.80.”

Multiply that by four and it amounts to a total of $1,492,647.20 in taxpayer money.

On January 18, this website reported that the one new bus that arrived in Bermuda this month, is set to be licensed and cleared for use on Bermuda’s roads.

Meanwhile, the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) continues to issue advisories on bus cancellations, as a result of breakdowns due to Bermuda’s ageing bus fleet for public transportation.

One source told Bermuda Real that the DPT does not release the full list of cancellations on any given day, and that there are more than what’s actually being published on a daily basis.