The Department of Public Transportation (DPT) may soon find itself pushed “back to the middle” of heavy bus cancellations during the peak tourism season, despite the importation of several new electric buses.

A number of public bus operators informed Bermuda Real this week, that there were more than 45 to 50 out of service, with word that number would likely increase to 60 by the end of the week.

One operator said: “The way things are going it’s possible 60 Buses will be out of service next month and the Tourist season starts April 1st.”

The total number of buses currently out of service includes at least 18 new electric buses.

Several bus cancellations were posted the department’s website, which are expected to continue.

There were also at least two accidents in recent weeks, including one on Middle and Chapel Roads in Paget on Wednesday, which does not help the situation.

When contacted by Bermuda Real, a DPT spokesperson said: ““The Department of Public Transportation requires 88 buses for a full schedule without cancellations.

“At present, 65 buses are operational to service the public bus schedule. The buses currently being repaired will return to duty in due course. 

“Buses are removed from service throughout a workday for various reasons, some more intensive than others, such as repairing accident damage, changing headlights, replacing tires, repairing transmission failure, cleaning graffiti, and more. 

“The number of buses in service fluctuates daily, hour to hour, depending on the day’s events. This afternoon, it is expected that between 25 and 30 cancellations will be in effect. Students, school administrators, and guardians are advised that the school runs will be prioritized. Passengers should go to for updates.”

In our follow up, a number of bus operators balked at the department’s response, saying: “They are being cautious, but correct.”

But they said: “The tell-tale sign will be next month, when the peak tourism season begins.

“Remember it’s climbing slowly, and we are right on the borderline, especially with the bus that got damaged in the accident in Paget.”

The 2024 cruise ship season moves into high gear next month, with at least 22 calls to Bermuda, with thousands of cruise ship passengers, who inundate the public buses out of Dockyard in April.