Bus commuters were left waiting for buses that never arrived on several routes on Friday due to another “spate of bus breakdowns” that forced the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) to cancel bus runs from the Hamilton depot.

Hamilton Bus Depot

A Minister spokesman said: “The problems reduced the number of commuter buses leaving the city late after and early evening.

“DPT said that the breakdowns occurred late afternoon, making it difficult to advise the public as they finished their work day.” But bus cancellation notices were posted for a part of the early morning service yesterday.

By the end of the day, officials said “they reduced the ‘out of service’ number of vehicles down to 58, which left on 47 buses in service”.

Reasons for this latest round of breakdowns varied from oil leaks, air system failures, inoperable bells, steering problems, faulty airbags, and doors failing to operate properly.

The spokesman said: “The total number of 105 buses is down from ten years ago w

  • hen there was a fleet of 123. The weighted average age of the vehicles is over ten years, while the industry standard is less than seven years.

“Officials said the fleet has become older and less reliable as DPT operates services over 18 hours every day of the year.

“While the Department has had to wrestle with these issues over an extended period of time circumstances will not consistently improve until the fleet is considerable upgraded. The DPT will endeavour to keep the public informed when there are future service interruptions.”

  • File Photo Courtesy of DCI