Premier David Burt confirmed last night that the Department of Public Transportation will provide buses to transport healthcare workers to the hospital – starting today.

Speaking at the latest update on COVID-19 last night, Mr Burt said: “Earlier this week, I spoke about the plan to get hospital workers who used to rely on public transportation to and from the hospital.

“There had been a delay in starting the service.

“However, the Department of Public Transportation management, the Bermuda Industrial Union and the Bermuda Public Service Union officials, and the Occupational Safety and Health Committee members met with Bermuda Hospitals Board’s Chief of Medicine an expert on infectious diseases to clarify the requirements for personal protection equipment, hygiene and social distancing on the buses under COVID-19 regulations.

“The Department of Health, and healthcare professionals were also present to advise on personal protective equipment and COVID-19.

“The bus drivers now have an understanding of the risk exposure and precautionary measures required to ensure the safety of employees and passengers on buses,” he said.

“Follow up actions are ongoing. However, the team at DPT has made sufficient progress to safely resume the KEMH bus service starting tomorrow (April 4). I thank everyone who has worked to make the service possible so our healthcare workers can get to work.”