The Department of Public Transportation announced another set of bus cancellations that went into effect at 4pm this afternoon and will run through to 6:20pm.

The cancellations:

4-sjHamiltonSpanish Point4:00 pm
4-nsSpanish PointHamilton4:12 pm
1HamiltonGrotto Bay4:15 pm
9HamiltonProspect4:15 pm
8HamiltonDockyard4:15 pm
2HamiltonOrd Road4:15 pm
9ProspectHamilton4:25 pm
11HamiltonGrotto Bay4:25 pm
7HamiltonDockyard4:30 pm
2Ord RoadHamilton4:40 pm
7HamiltonBarnes Corner4:40 pm
8HamiltonDockyard4:45 pm
7HamiltonDockyard5:00 pm
5HamiltonPond Hill5:05 pm
9HamiltonProspect5:15 pm
8Barnes CornerHamilton5:19 pm
9ProspectHamilton5:25 pm
11St. George’sHamilton5:30 pm
8DockyardHamilton5:35 pm
7HamiltonBarnes Corner5:45 pm
7Dockyard Hamilton5:50 pm
7HamiltonWatford Bridge6:00 pm
8DockyardHamilton6:05 pm
8Barnes CornerHamilton6:19 pm
5HamiltonPond Hill6:20 pm
7DockyardHamilton6:20 pm