The Department of Public Transportation (DPT) another set of 31 cancellations that started at 4:08pm and runs through to 6:25pm this evening, in what is now considered to be an ongoing daily occurrence.

The cancellations announced are as follows:

From Destination Time
Grotto-Bay Hamilton 4:08 pm
Barnes Corner Hamilton 4:11 pm
Hamilton Spanish Point 4:16 pm
St. David’s St. George’s 4:19 pm
Hamilton Watford Bridge 4:20 pm
Hamilton St. George’s 4:25 pm
Hamilton Barnes Corner 4:25 pm
Spanish Point Hamilton 4:28 pm
St. George’s Hamilton 4:30 pm
Hamilton St. George’s 4:35 pm
Hamilton Barnes Corner 4:40 pm
Hamilton          Dockyard 4:45 pm
Hamilton Pond Hill 4:50 pm
Hamilton Watford Bridge 4:50 pm
St. George’s Hamilton 4:52 pm
Hamilton St. George’s 4:55 pm
Pond Hill Hamilton 5:00 pm
Dockyard Hamilton 5:05 pm
Barnes Corner Hamilton 5:04 pm
Hamilton Dockyard 5:10 pm
Hamilton Prospect 5:15 pm
Barnes Corner Hamilton 5:19 pm
Prospect Hamilton 5:25 pm
Hamilton Ord Road 5:25 pm
Hamilton Barnes Corner 5:45 pm
St. George’s Hamilton 5:45 pm
Hamilton Barnes Corner 5:45 pm
Hamilton Pond Hill 5:50 pm
Pond Hill Hamilton 6:00 pm
Dockyard Hamilton 6:05 pm
Barnes Corner Hamilton 6:19 pm
Hamilton Pond Hill 6:20 pm
Dockyard Hamilton 6:35 pm