Hard on the heels of a one-day unannounced walkout by supervisors, the Department of Public Transportation (DPT) announced another 33 bus cancellations, that started at 6:50am and runs through to 11:25am this morning.

This after countless commuters were left stranded waiting for buses that never arrived – with no early warning or announcement in advance or during the initial stages of the action taken by the department’s supervisors.

Still no word on the status of negotiations between DPT management and the Bermuda Public Services Union (BPSU) that lasted throughout the day yesterday, what prompted the dispute, or whether or not it has been resolved.

The service was scheduled to resume at 7pm Tuesday (Feb 16) and buses were back on the road early this morning, with the exception of the routes runs cancelled.

Meanwhile, Premier David Burt said last night that the action taken was unacceptable and he apologised to bus commuters.

What happened was “incredibly unfortunate”, said Mr Burt.

“There was no warning. It is not acceptable in any way shape or form,” he added.

The bus cancellations announced today include the following:

Watford BridgeHamilton6:50am
Watford BridgeHamilton7:25am
Watford BridgeHamilton7:35am
Dockyard (Express)Hamilton7:50am
HamiltonSpanish Point7:50am
Spanish PointHamilton8:02am
St. George’sHamilton8:05am
HamiltonOrd Road8:15am
HamiltonPond Hill8:35am
Ord RoadHamilton 8:40am
Pond HillHamilton8:45am
Barnes CornerHamilton8:57am
HamiltonSpanish Point9:00am
HamiltonBarnes Corner9:00am
HamiltonBarnes Corner9:07am
Spanish PointHamilton9:12am
Barnes CornerHamilton9:15am
Barnes CornerHamilton9:34am
HamiltonBarnes Corner9:37am
Barnes CornerHamilton9:42am
Barnes CornerHamilton9:49am
Barnes CornerHamilton10:12am
HamiltonOrd Road10:15am
Ord RoadHamilton10:45am
HamiltonBarnes Corner10:45am
HamiltonSt. George’s11:00am
Barnes CornerHamilton11:19am
St. George’sHamilton11:12am