The Department of Public Transportation announced more bus cancellations this morning that will affect early morning commuters.

The bus due to leave from Grotto Bay to Hamilton at 7:10am has been cancelled, in addition to the bus due to leave from Watford Bridge at 7:05am.

The bus due to leave at 7:15am from Hamilton to Prospect and the bus returning to the city at 7:25am are cancelled. Other cancellations include:

  • The 7:20am bus from Hamilton to Pond Hill & the 7:30am bus returning to Hamilton
  • The 7:40am number 7 bus from Hamilton to Somerset
  • The 8:53am number 7 bus from Watford Bridge to Hamilton
  • The 7:20am & 7:30am bus travelling to &  from Pond Hill to Hamilton
  • The 7:30am & 7:42am bus travelling to & from Spanish Point to Hamilton
  • The 7:30am bus from Grotto Bay to Hamilton