News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda The Ministry of Public Works would like to inform residents and stakeholders in St George’s that there will be a temporary disruption in the flushing (non-potable) water supply provided by the Water and Sewage Section.

This disruption is necessary to facilitate crucial water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades in the St. Georges and Southside areas.

The interruption in the flushing water supply is scheduled for Monday, 28 August 2023, and is expected to be restored by Thursday, August 31, 2023.

These infrastructure upgrades are essential to enhancing the water and wastewater systems in the region, ensuring improved services and a more reliable supply for residents and facilities in the area.

Buildings in the following areas may be affected by this scheduled service interruption:

  • Red Coat Lane
  • Old Military Road
  • Barracks Close
  • Slippery-Hill
  • St. Georges Bus Depot
  • East End Primary School
  • Other adjacent lanes and areas

The works being carried out are associated with a legacy sanitary water system installed by the British military before 1943 to service its installations and barracks.

Very few as-built drawings exist, and there have been no material upgrades since then. 

The Ministry may not be aware of some residences or buildings that may be currently connected to the system and using this service.

For this reason, the Ministry would ask any residence or facility that loses service during the period indicated to contact the Water and Sewage Section by email at or telephone at 278 -0570 and provide the address, type of building (residence, commercial building, facility or institution) and contact number, so that the nominated contact person can be notified directly concerning the flushing water service moving forward.

The Ministry of Public Works is committed to minimising any inconvenience caused by this disruption.

We will keep all residents and the responsible parties for the affected buildings updated on any material issues that may arise during this period.

Our dedicated team is working diligently to complete the upgrades and restore regular services promptly.

Residents with inquiries or concerns regarding this service interruption are encouraged to contact our office by email at or by telephone at 278-0570. Our team is available to address any questions and provide the necessary assistance.

The Ministry of Public Works would like to thank the residents and stakeholders in the St. Georges and Southside areas for their understanding and cooperation during this critical infrastructure upgrade.

These enhancements are crucial to ensuring a sustainable and reliable water and wastewater system for the community.