Curtis Dickinson, the former Minister of Finance, was the first to officially throw his hat in the ring to go up against Premier David Burt in a Progressive Labour Party leadership challenge.

In the weeks leading up to the party’s delegates conference next month they both will be lobbying party delegates, who will ultimately decide who will lead the party into the next General Election.

Whether it will come down to a two-man battle for the helm remains to be seen, as candidates have until September 28 to declare their intention to run for either of the two most senior PLP positions.

The delegates conference takes place between October 19 and 22. The leadership vote will be taken on October 20, after engaging in internal debates.

Mr Dickinson quit his Cabinet post just days before the annual Budget Statement over the yet to be revealed Gencom deal to rebuild the Fairmont Southampton.

Yesterday, he confirmed that he had “advised the Party Leader” of his intention “to run for the office of Party Leader at the upcoming Annual General Conference”.

“Additionally, I sent correspondence to the Party Secretary General advising her of the same and requested that my letter be immediately distributed to all Branch Chairpersons and delegates. I look forward to engaging all of you in the coming weeks.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Premier said: “David Burt has led our party to two national election victories. He led us through the pandemic and, prior to the pandemic, reduced the deficit without cutting Bermudian jobs, while investing in education, healthcare and social programmes. And, now, under his leadership, we are providing relief to working families during the worst global inflation in a generation.

“David has been involved with the PLP for nearly 20 years – through thick and thin. He’s worked his way up and strengthened the party at all levels. While we welcome any MP who wishes to stand for leadership, as this shows that democracy is alive and well within the party, we are confident that the delegates will look at the options and decide that in these times, we need steady and tested hands at the helm of the Progressive Labour Party.

“The Party Leader will respect the internal nature of our elections, which are not public media spectacles, and looks forward to debating MP Dickinson on