News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – The Department of Planning appreciates the patience and understanding of our valued clients as we continue to process and resolve planning applications remotely, as well as review and issue building permits.

The convening of the Development Applications Board remains on schedule and meetings are now being held remotely, every two weeks.

The Department is therefore able to process applications decided by the Board and the Director.

To find out how applications are decided, please visit:

In the interests of the safety and wellbeing of Department of Planning staff, any site visits conducted will be carried out at the discretion of the officer and Director and, in some cases, photographs and/or videos of sites may be accepted in lieu of a site visit.

Regarding public notification procedures for new planning and subdivision applications, the requirement to display a site notice is waived until such time that the ‘Shelter in Place’ rules are relaxed and businesses who are able to produce printed and laminated site notices are reopened.

Notwithstanding, all applications will continue to be advertised in the Official Gazette during this time, which can be found at:

Please direct any queries for the Department of Planning to the following public officers:

•         Director: Victoria Pereira. E-mail or call 705-0398.

•         Assistant Director: Larry Williams. E-mail or call 504-1775.

•         Acting Senior Planner, Development Management: Paul McDonald. E-mail

•         Acting Assistant Building Control Officer, Building Control: Steven Every. E-mail