The Department of Education recently held their annual retirement reception to honour 19 staff members for their years of service.

Minister of Education and Workforce Development, Diallo Rabain congratulated the group and praised them for their remarkable years of service. 

“In a world that changes nearly every day, it is no small feat to recognize the teachers, para teachers, administrative assistants, officers and staff that served the Department on an average of 25 years each,” said Mr Rabain.

“Collectively, your service represents 470 years of dedication to our students their families and by extension, our island home.

“Everyone knows that you don’t pursue a career education to make a lot of money,” he added.

“Teaching is a profession of love, a profession of compassion and a profession of life-long commitment. As one of the most honorable professions, one can do, it is indeed humbling to able to stand in the shadows of these giants, like Sharilyn Shabazz and Phyllis Harshaw and who taught in primary school for 37 and 36 years respectively and Yolanda Simons and Earldor Williams who taught for 35 and 34 years. 

“On behalf of the Ministry of Education and Workforce Development, we honor your commitment to every day putting your shoulder to the wheel to do what is needed for our students so they can fulfill their pre-destined potential in a safe and nurturing environment. Your years of service is appreciated and they will be revered and cherished.” 

This year the Minister Rabain and Acting Commissioner of Education, Kalmar Richards hosted the reception at CedarBridge Academy.  Below is full list of retirees: 

Cindy Laurin, Primary School Teacher, Dalton E. Tucker Primary, 30 years

Coralita Dill, Primary School Principal, Gilbert Institute Primary, 28 years

David Outerbridge, Traffic Warden/Custodian, Francis Patton Primary, 14 years

Donna Swainson-Robinson, Senior School Teacher, CedarBridge Academy, 25 years

Daniel Hill, Primary School Teacher, Elliott Primary, 20 years

Dawn Broadbelt, Support Teacher, Clearwater Middle School, 22 years

Donna-Mae Gomes, Educational Therapist Asst., Whitney Institute Middle School, 30 years

Earldor Williams, Primary School Teacher, West Pembroke Primary, 34 years

Gwendolyn Creary, Supervisor Behaviour Management Programme, Child Development Programme, 24 years

Laverne Simons, Assistant Director, ESA (Central), 33 years

Lovette Lovell, Family Coordinator, Child Development Programme, 27 years

Mary Beth Aitken, Primary School Teacher, Northlands Primary, 20 years

Murray Scott, Learning Support Teacher, CedarBridge Academy, 17 years

Patricia Lee, Para-educator, CedarBridge Academy, 23 years

Phyllis Harshaw, Learning Support Teacher, CedarBridge Academy 36 years

Robert Corday, Primary School Teacher, Francis Patton Primary, 9 years

Sharilyn Shabazz, Primary School Teacher, Elliott Primary, 37 years

Shelley Steede, MOED, 3 years

Yolanda Simons, Primary School Teacher, Purvis Primary, 35 years


PHOTO ATTACHED:  Minister Rabain and Acting Commissioner of Education, Kalmar Richards with the group.