News Release: Hamilton, Bermuda – Earlier today, August 27, the Department of Education informed parents, principals, teachers, school staff, and education stakeholders (including the Bermuda Public Service Union [BPSU] and Bermuda Union of Teachers [BUT), about the effect of a pending judicial review on Principal staffing and recruitment.

By way of background, recommendations for the post of Principal for maintained schools are made by the Board of Education to the Public Service Commission (PSC). If the PSC supports the recommendation of the appointment of the Principal candidate, the PSC in turn makes a recommendation to the Governor who then appoints the Principal candidate.

There is currently a judicial review process underway regarding the recommendation to the PSC for the appointment of the post of Commissioner of Education. This is as per section 4(1)(b) of the Education Act 1996.   The appointment of Principals of maintained schools is made under this same section.

As the judicial review is ongoing, with a decision not expected for several months, the Board of Education has cancelled the recruitment of Principals. The Board of Education will revisit the recruitment of principals following a decision of the courts on this matter.

However, due to the closure of TN Tatem Middle School for the 2019/20 school year, Mrs Garita Coddington, Principal of TN Tatem Middle School, will be temporarily reassigned to Clearwater Middle School for September 2019.


  • Mr Kenneth Caesar will continue to act as Principal at CedarBridge Academy
  • Mrs Cindy Weeks will continue to act as Principal at Harrington Sound Primary School, and
  • Ms Suzette Cheeseman will continue to act as Principal at Gilbert Institute

The recruitment for the post of Principal for Sandy’s Secondary Middle School is not affected by the judicial review as the relevant section of the Education Act 1996 relates to maintained schools only; however, Ms Kalley Baxter-Williams will also continue to serve as Acting Principal.