Plans are being made to relocate staff now that Government’s Health and Safety Coordinator has advised that both the Ministry and Department of Education Headquarters be moved out of the St David’s facility as soon as possible. 
The east end facility will be closed after a series of “health and safety inspections and repairs”.

A spokesperson said: “On Monday, August 27 it was determined by the Government Health and Safety Coordinator that staff should be relocated to a new premises as soon as possible.

“Staff will vacate the headquarters building while temporary offices are identified and a permanent location established by the Ministry of Public Works.”

Acting Premier and Minister of Public Works Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch said: “This action is necessary.

“We have a responsibility to provide the safest possible work environment for our employees and we take that very seriously.

“Our aim is to provide a seamless transition to an alternative site in good time so that the important work of preparing for the beginning of this school year can continue.

“I am working with my team in the Ministry to make ready an identified location, complete with the necessary IT interface required for the Ministry of Education’s headquarters team,” he added.

“The Ministry and Department of Education will continue with the preparations for the opening of school while the relocation is being resolved. Staff can be reached by email and a full list of staff email is posted on”