Photo: Mario Place

The demolition project that will take down the historic entertainment hub; the Clayhouse Inn, got underway today (Sept 24) on the North Shore in Devonshire.

The dilapidated building had been in a state of ruin for years to become an eyesore for nearly two decades.

Once operated by the late Choy Aming Sr, the North Shore club became a top venue starting way back in the mid 1960s, to eventually become shuttered as a result of fire in January 2002.

Plans to demolish the building were initially announced back in 2009 and then again in 2015.

Five years later the demolition crew handling this project started today with plans to physically start knocking down the walls of what was once the great Clayhouse Inn, “first thing in the morning” on Friday.


  • Feature Photos: TeeTee Trew, Facebook