Dellwood students give Twizys a spruce up


A group of creative students have garnered a $4,000 cash donation to Dellwood Middle School after a winning project unveiled at the school on Monday.

The first set of winning students and teacher won complimentary weekend Twizy rentals for their families, and each Twizy will feature the name of the student designer and sponsor.

The programme, by Current Vehicles is part of the company’s plan to have its entire fleet decked out with assorted designs created by local students.

Sponsors include The Argus Group, Clarien Bank, Cohort Limited and Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, “ho have given budding artists a new platform for their work and given back to the community,” said Piers Carr, founder and CEO of Current Vehicles.

“We are delighted with the winning designs that we received from students and staff at Dellwood Middle School. They are eye-catching and memorable,” he added.

Transport Minister Walter Roban said: “I am pleased to see the artwork by Bermuda’s schoolchildren featured on the recognisable Twizy cars and I look forward to seeing designs from other schools.”

The winners were: Kenya Smith-Woodley, with a hibiscus design based on Bermuda’s flora with a hibiscus design. Her Twizy was sponsored by Argus, Jayden Woodley, who featured the colours Bermuda in his house design. His Twizy was sponsored by Clarien Bank, Kimberley Tucker (visual arts teacher), with a Gombey design. Her Twizy was  sponsored by Cohort Limited, Eden Smith, used symbols such as moongates and longtails. Her Twizy was sponsored by Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.