Dellwood Middle School students emerged as first place winners, in the first-ever youth anti-violence competition put on by the Ministry of National Security.

West End Warriors took second place honours, and Simeon Pearman placed third. The Northlands Primary School Choir took The People’s Choice award.

National Security Minister Wayne Caines, thanked and congratulated all the participants in Sunday night’s youth edition of the LIVE. LOVE. LIFE. Stop the Violence Competition.

The event, which took place at the Ruth Seaton James Centre for the Performing Arts, saw a standing room only crowd in attendance to support Bermuda’s young people, as they showcased their talent towards creating their own soundtrack to stopping violence in Bermuda.

LIVE. LOVE. LIFE. was the first event of its kind sponsored by the Ministry of National Security. A spokeswoman said: “Its aim was to engage our young people in a creative way and raise awareness about addressing violence and anti-social behaviour.” And the participants “expressed themselves through spoken word, rap and song”, she added.

The packed audience also came in for a powerful message delivered by Moms on a Mission (MOM) Bermuda spokeswoman Dee-Ah Iris, who shared her own personal account of losing a son to gun violence in Bermuda, and how receiving that one phone call forever changed her life.

Minister Caines noted that “hundreds of people turned out” to cheer on Bermuda’s young people.

“We were completely blown away at the level of talent and creativity of our youth. Watching and listening to their performances truly resonated with everyone. And one thing is clear from last night (Sunday) is that gun and knife violence and anti-social behaviour affects us all.”

Minister Caines continued: “LIVE. LOVE. LIFE. provided a forum for our young people to share their messages of non-violence and express themselves in a positive way, within a supportive atmosphere. This was an uplifting, empowering and inspirational event not just for our young people, but for those in attendance. And I am encouraged that we will build upon this success to ensure a lasting change in our community.”

Hosts for the evening were Antoine Jones and Juanae Crockwell. More than ten schools had participants in the event, including Chatmore Academy, Somerset Primary, West End Primary, Paget Primary, Purvis Primary, Bermuda Institute, Northlands Primary, East End Primary, Harrington Sound Primary, Dellwood Middle School and CedarBridge Academy.

The Minister also thanked “all the judges, sponsors, parents, principals and teachers for their support and contribution towards making LIVE. LOVE. LIFE. Stop the Violence Competition a stellar event”.

The next one will be the adult edition of the LIVE. LOVE. LIFE. Stop the Violence Competition, to be held in February 2018.

  • Photos Courtesy of DCI