The public consultation period opened by the Department of Energy for input on the National Fuels Sector Policy closes on Friday.

Members of the public were invited to submit their views on the draft document on June 15th.

In a statement released this afternoon, Minister of Economic Development, Dr Grant Gibbons issued a reminder that this week “is the last opportunity for members of the public to share their thoughts before the policy is finalised”.

“The policy proposal is the culmination of four months of preliminary consultative work done by the Department of Energy with private sector and Government stakeholder groups,” he said.

“The Department will review all information obtained and respond to each submission before the policy progresses to legislation.”

The new policy calls for the assessment of new fuels and technologies, while discussing issues including fuel security, public safety, fuel quality and fuel affordability.

Written comments can be submitted by 5pm on Friday, July 7th, via email to, or by hand to the Department of Energy in the Government Administration Building on Parliament Street in Hamilton.

The full document is online at