Jamaica Observer: KINGSTON, By Brittny Hutchinson – The idea of dating gangsters is not being embraced by some Jamaican women, even if the criminals have the ability to meet their every need.

Their views come in the wake of a social media post a few weeks ago by Leah Tavares-Finson, the mother of Christopher “Dog Paw” Linton’s child, that she will miss Linton after he was killed by the police.

Linton, who was once named as the country’s most wanted man, was shot dead in what the police said was a gun battle on John Golding Road in Elletson Flats, St Andrew, on October 11. 

Here are the views of women interviewed by the Jamaica Observer in Morant Bay, St Thomas, recently.

Marcia, 45 years old: “Me wouldn’t want a bad man fi my man because yuh si after a while when dem kill whole heap a people and dem cyaa get nobody else fi kill, you a the next target. Him might abuse mi, give mi so much hard lick and all those things. It wouldn’t work fi me. Mi prefer a simple man.”

Nicki, 39 years old: “No, because the person might do something bad to me and that stigma, I don’t want to be a part of that.”

Yanice, 21 years old: “No, I would not date a gangster. Yuh crazy? Mi have to talk to a man weh respectful, loyal, honest. No sah! Mi cyaa work with that.”

Yvonne, 56 years old: “No, because he might end up being a murderer or end up killing me or something. I don’t want anybody who is a gangster, period — even if he is taking care of me. That’s why I take care of myself.”

Malva Jones, 45 years old: “Mi fraid a dem because they have a lot of followers; maybe he can send someone to do you something. What if I say we a break up now? He would not want things to finish like that. Worse if he told you everything about him or a part of it.”

Debbie-Ann McPherson, 43 years old: “Hell no! Because gangsters are bad influences. From you hear the word ‘gangster’ you just think of bad things.”

Ann-Marie, 55 years old: “No darling. I cannot date a gangster who is going to take care of me; something else will happen. They steal and collect extortion money and any time you want to leave the gangster they are going to want to fight you and maybe you end up dying.”

A 26-year-old woman, who declined to giver her name, said: “I wouldn’t date a bad man because I wouldn’t want to put my family or my life in danger. I rather date somebody that I could go out and do stuff with, without having to worry about me and my family’s safety.”

  • Top Feature Photo: The Daily Telegraph