News Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – The City of Hamilton is advising the public that three trees (two mahogany trees and one white cedar) will be removed this month from the junction of Victoria Street and King Street. 

They need to be removed as they have caused extensive damage to the sidewalk and neighboring properties. 

This follows the removal of four mahogany trees in July 2021 from the Victoria Street sidewalk, between Union Street and King Street.

All removed trees will be replaced by Ebony trees which will provide extensive shade for pedestrians. ‘Tree root guides’ will be installed with the new trees which act as a barrier around the tree pit, deflecting the root growth downward, rather than across the sidewalk. 

As part of the works, the project will also include the addition of new street lighting, resurfacing of the road, the replacement of a damaged sewer line and the widening and realignment of the sidewalk (while still retaining street parking). Portions of the sidewalk will be closed for the duration of the works which are scheduled to commence at the end of the month.