Muslum Aslan has been arrested for murdering his daughter after he was released from jail -Image: Newsflash

Mirror Online, UK – A violent prisoner has been arrested for murdering his nine-year-old daughter after he was released from jail because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Muslum Aslan was jailed last year for stabbing his wife Rukiye Aslan in Gaziantep, Turkey, before he was freed last week as part of the government’s coronavirus amnesty scheme.

According to reports, prisoners were released from Turkey’s prisons to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the overcrowded facilities.

Local media claims after he was released the 33-year-old went to his estranged wife’s home and tried to kidnap their three children which resulted in a fight in which Ceylan Aslan was beaten to death by her dad.

He is then claimed to have fled the scene and later arrested in a park.

Ceylan was rushed to a hospital but she later died from her injuries.

Rukiye, who has reportedly filed for divorce, said: “He used violence against my children all the time.

“He hung my elder daughter from her arms to wall, then battered her with a hose.

“Leaving Ceylan in blood on the floor, he left my two sons in front of our house by taxi and ran away.

“My daughter is dead. I want this murder to be punished heavily for what he has done.”

Ceylan’s death has caused outrage online, with women’s rights campaigners slamming the release of domestic violence offenders.

We Will Stop Femicide, an organisation which campaigns against domestic violence, said: “take immediate action to protect women and children from the violence that has been unleashed by the amnesty law.”

The organisation said at least 29 women had been killed between March 11, when Turkey reported its first case of Covid-19, and the end of March.

It is not known if Aslan has been charged.

  • Top Feature Photo: Ceylan Aslan, nine, died after she was beaten to deathImage by Newsflash