The Development Applications Board will consider plans submitted to build a 68-unit apartment building at 33 Church Street in Hamilton, on the lot just east of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

The application, was submitted last month by C33 Ltd lays out plans for a six-storey building with two floors underground.

The agent for the project, CTX Design Group, said in the application: “The building is a reinforced concrete shell with interior unit partitions of concrete block.

“The requested programme for this building features a central circulation spine with residential units along its length.

“Each unit has large windows and a private balcony.

“The east and west façades step in and out to permit light to penetrate the site along the boundaries.

“The upper floors are set back from the boundaries reducing the mass and exceeding the goals of the City of Hamilton Development Plan.”

The application also includes plans for off-street parking in the building for eleven cars and 25 cycles.

“The applicants envision a shared car concept using smaller electric vehicles and ten spaces are currently proposed for those vehicles.

“A gym, community room and storage facilities are proposed within the lower basement floor. These spaces open out to the existing lower grade where planting is proposed to permit outdoor entertainment.”