Plans to tear down the Belvedere Building on Pitts Bay Road to replace it with a new building that would stand seven stories high, have been submitted to the Development Applications Board (DAB).

Luscar Place – the proposed retail and commercial building would house two retail units on the ground floor with office space above.

The application stated: “It is no longer viable to maintain the existing Belvedere Building and even with significant upgrades, it will not provide appropriate contemporary office space.

“The parking garage is in need of maintenance and will be upgraded with landscaping and visual improvements as part of the proposed redevelopment of the property.

“There is demand for Class A office space with large floor plates and 69 and 71 Pitts Bay Road is an ideal site for developing a commercial building.

“The design offers significant improvement to the ground plane and area amenities. Landscaping and paving the public domain will complement the existing Bacardi gardens and public areas of Waterloo House.

“The west of Hamilton precinct will be an attractive approach to the city.”

An accompanying document also stated that the developers were comtemplating demolishing the Belvedere Building this year, with a view to starting construction on the new building early next year.

They plan to carry out minor modifications and strengthening the existing parking lot with additional underground parking at the southeast end of the property.

“The intent is to accommodate a large and contemporary commercial building on a prominent corner site and in a manner appropriate to the surroundings,” the application said.

“To reduce the visual mass the facades are modulated with balconies and the upper floors stepped back. Emphasis is on the ground plan and place making.

“The corner of the lane and Pitts Bay Road is opened up to form a public plaza.

“The lane is to be upgraded and a sidewalk provided for safe pedestrian access from Pitts Bay Road up the lane to the existing sidewalk at 71A Pitts Bay Road.

“The sidewalk along Pitts Bay Road will be upgraded in a similar fashion to what the developer has achieved across the road at Waterloo House.

“Sidewalk paving is designed to give visual priority to pedestrians at the vehicular access points.”

Potential tenants have already expressed an interest in the retail units, that includes a proposed pharmacy and café.

It was also noted that the owners are “well known for their interest in art”. The proposed plans include a a large sculpture to be installed in the entrance plaza.

“Artwork for the main lobby is being selected and the lobby space and surfaces are being designed to complement this artwork.

“There are opportunities for murals and outdoor art that will be explored as design evolves,” the application added.

Top Feature Photo: An artist’s rendering of the proposed Luscar Place at 69 and 71, Pitts Bay Road to replace the Belvedere Building