Plans submitted by the Bermuda Housing Corporation (BHC) to convert a rundown building in St George’s into apartments have been approved by the Development Applications Board (DAB).

The BHC plans to restore the Chelsea Apartments on Redcoat Lane North, which used to house four three-bedroom units.

The proposed plans call for nine smaller residential units.

In a DAB report on the project, a technical officer said: “The proposal is for the purpose of rehabilitating, upgrading and improving the standard of the existing development.

“At present, the buildings are in a dilapidated state and is in need of restoration,” the report added.

“Two, the proposed works will not be injurious to the amenity of the adjacent properties, but will result in the opposite and be an enhancement to the area.

“Also, the proposal will not create a nonconforming density as there is no density standard for development within Open Space Reserve zoning. As such, the board has discretion to approve the increase of dwellings from four to five.

“Lastly, the applicant has also submitted a grounds-in-support letter which outlined their wish to renovate the Chelsea Apartments to broaden its housing stock.”

It was also noted that the heritage officer was consulted about the proposal due to the site’s Grade 3 listing.

That officer stated that the changes would have minimal detrimental impact on the property.

But the officer suggested that a window and door schedule be provided before permission was granted to start construction, in order to keep the design as close to the building’s existing character as possible.

A letter of concern was submitted by the Bermuda National Trust (BNT) citing concern with regard to the building’s balcony, saying it should be repaired and not replaced.

The BHC provided a refurbishment quote and other structural documents in response to show what measures were taken to restore the building’s architectural features.

Feature Photo: Planning Document