New Release: HAMILTON, Bermuda – Today, the Customs Department is reissuing its advisory regarding its package clearance processes.

Customs appreciates that the 2020 holiday season is an extraordinarily busy time, with residents importing courier packages from abroad in record numbers.

As a reminder, Customs is encouraging the public’s patience as it works to clear packages for residents and courier services.

Additionally, the Department understands the public’s eagerness to have their packages cleared as swiftly and as efficiently as possible.

However, to ensure best practices, Customs stresses that it must adhere to the appropriate protocols in accordance with its duty and clearance guidelines.

As a note, Customs have recently met with each individual Courier agency to collaborate on common goals.

As an aside, the Customs Department is advising that it has amended a recent requirement for anyone importing personal goods by courier service to have a CAPS ID number.

The public is reminded that Customs communicated a start date of 1st October, 2020 to the courier services; however due to the large volume of applications, the Collector has allowed the temporary use of “999999” for importing personal goods. The deadline has been extended to 31st January, 2021.

The Department is reminding commercial importers and any person claiming duty relief that they must still apply for and use a CAPS ID number when declaring goods to Customs.

Any courier declaration submitted after 31st January, 2020 without a valid CAPS ID number will be subject to processing delays.

As an assurance to the public, any data collected in the CAPS application process is held in the strictest confidence. It is used by Customs to verify that persons importing, exporting or declaring goods, cash and negotiable instruments are entitled to trade with Customs in relation to particular shipments and are not unauthorized or fictitious persons.

The application process is free and can be done online. A valid form of government issued identification and other documents maybe required. The approval process normally takes 48 hours.

More information on the CAPS ID can be viewed on the Government website.